Happy Monday, friends! 

It was hard to come up with a post this morning. If you read our post on Pensacola, or are a local, then you know that our city has had some major flooding to deal with. On Saturday I made a trip into a couple of the neighborhoods most affected with an organization called Project Hope (please see this link if you have an interest in helping out--the need is still very great). It was one of the most unreal things I've ever witnessed. I felt like I was touring a movie set. Homes had either been abandoned completely, or were totally emptied as families sat in their yard sifting through what may have been salvaged. One lady sat in the shade trying to dry out mounds family photos. Another woman I met had to leave her home with her three young children in rushing waist-deep water, in the middle of the night, in a storm that was producing hundreds of lightning strikes per minute. 

I cannot imagine.

So forgive me if any topic I can possibly come up with seems small and insignificant this morning. 

I did, however, after much searching, find this article on a family that re-built their home in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. 

Here is a before and after photo. 

And here's the link where you can see the transformation of inside of the home, as well. 

I will say that this probably isn't the typical case of a homeowner who faces natural disaster and restores their home, especially in New Orleans, where many homes still sit abandoned, years later. I don't like to assume someone's financial status, because I don't know these people or their story, but I do know that most were not as fortunate. Even still, it's gives a little hope to see so much restored after so much was lost. You would never know their home was damaged so badly.

Count your blessings, folks. I know I'm counting mine.


OH! And on a sunnier note, Happy Cinco De Mayo! Have a margarita and some guacamole. I remember being pregnant and craving margaritas the whole time (I guess the salty-sour-sweet is what I craved). I tried virgin margaritas and they were disgusting--worse than no margarita. The one thing I finally found that fit the bill was a real fruit juice lime popsicle with sea salt (when you're pregnant and desperate you'll try anything). So to my pregnant friends--including 3A's own Jessica who's baby girl is due in a couple of short months--just an idea :)  You might like it!

Until next time...