Dana's Summer Favorites

Last week Mallory shared some of her summer favorites with you, so now it's my turn (while I know you're anxiously await the progress of my navy bedroom)! 

Some of these I have already been enjoying, and some I have on my wish list to enjoy soon. Either way, I hope you can find a common interest in some of these, OR even better: try something new! 

Take a look:

1. Peaches and Heirloom Tomatoes. Some of my favorite summer produce. I've eaten a peach almost every day, and I made my first ever from-scratch peach pie. And heirloom tomatoes...y'all. Just slice one up, give me some mayo and salt and pepper and I'm a happy camper. Or, even better: a fresh caprese salad. 

2. Turban Headbands from Baby Beans and Me on Etsy. These organic knotted headbands come in all sizes from adult to baby and her Buy One Give One program--which donates a headband to a child with cancer--is just $15. Go get one. 

3. Fresh cut hydrangeas. A classic southern favorite--hydrangeas seem to announce the arrival of warm weather. Luckily I have a bush out front that I can collect from and then display in an heirloom silver pitcher. 

4. Jonathan Adler Navy Geometric Sandal for Toms. Loving these. Definitely on my wish list. And as always, the Buy One Give One doesn't hurt! 

5. Mommy and Me nail polish sets from Ella + Mila. Best part is they are vegan, fast-drying, and "5-Free", so goodbye harmful fumes!

6. Margarita. Patron. On the rocks, extra salt. Nuff said.

7. Ceramic Lantern from Target. Down here, most of our outdoor time (when not at the beach) is early in the morning or after sunset, to avoid sweating while just sitting still. This is perfect for evenings on the back porch.

8. Navy Diamond Outdoor Rug from Target. If you spend as much time outdoors as I do, you might as well make your outdoor space look good!

9. Aveda Foot Relief Cream. Summer equals flip-flop and barefoot weather, meaning your feet start to reflect being exposed to the elements. I put on this stuff nearly every night before going to bed. It's so good.

10. Baby Bum Sunscreen from Sun Bum. I discovered this the same day I won my mom-of-the-year award when we made it all the way out to the beach without a hat or sunscreen for my baby. I had to swing in a surf shop to pick up some sunscreen and bought this. Hands down, best sunscreen ever. It's purely zinc-oxide based (no other chemicals), and is good for you and the environment in lots of other ways, too. I even use it on my own skin, and thus far neither baby or I have gotten sunburned when wearing it.

11. Striped Rash Guard from Land's End. I have one of these and I cannot tell you how much I love it. I am motivated to wear one for three very important reasons: 1. I am pale and my sunscreen application is like a never-ending ritual. This is so much easier (and less messy). Put it on and you're good all day. 2. If you are near water they keep you cool--just take a dip wearing it and then you have a nice evaporative cooling system on your entire top half! 3. Living on the Gulf Coast has made me really appreciate UV protection--the long-term effects of sun-worshipping are not pretty (think "leather chest"). Plus, skin cancer is no joke. Respect your skin, people! 

That about rounds it up. See any familiar favorites? Any crucial elements that I missed? Let's hear em! 

Until next time...