Get the Look :: Ellen Pompeo's Master Bedroom

While looking for design inspiration, I came across this sexy bedroom belonging to Ellen Pompeo. We at 3A must really love her taste in design since this is the second space of hers we have featured.

ellen pompeo's sexy bedroom

Ellen enlisted the help of celebrity designer, Martyn Lawrence Bullard to re-design her entire Los Angeles home. For her bedroom, Bullard used a color palette of golds, brown, and black. A cocoon like environment was created by paneling the walls in white oak and surrounding the bed in a black canopy on top of a soft silk rug. Centered in the room, the champagne colored bedding glows against the black backdrop. Bullard layered the room with luxurious textures of silk, satin, velvet, leather, and fur.  The end result is one sexy, glamorous boudoir.

Below is a picture of what the room looked like before. Impressive transformation.

ellen pompeo before bedroom

Love Ellen's bedroom? Well, you can get the look too. Below are links to the individual items.

get the look ellen pompeo master bedroom

Curtains // bed // coverlet  // lamp // dresser //  leather chair //  leopard pillow  // Mongolian pillow //  rug  //  gold side table

Until next time, lovelies.