Essentials to Camping in Style

A few months back I went camping for the first time in my life. I have never been the outdoorsy type. I am terrified of snakes and have unruly hair that requires constant beatings into submission, so camping never really appealed to me.  However, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

On our trip, we canoed down Black Water River with our gear and after a few hours found a deserted beach to set up camp. It was relaxing to unplug and be surrounded by nature. I cherish the night we sat around the fire under a sky full of stars, laughing and talking into the wee hours. Our trip was almost snake free until on the day we were headed back, I spotted a snake slither off a rock as we canoed by. You can bet my paddling got a whole lot faster and my center of gravity was on point. I was not tipping out my canoe! 

Even with my snake sighting, I was looking forward to going camping again. While searching for ideas to make our next trip a little more stylish (because let’s admit it, doing things in style always feels nicer), I came across the website “glamorous camping”. Holy cow! There are some beautiful destinations with a whole lot of creature comforts. Some even with five star dining!

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yosemite camping

Yurt anyone?

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While very beautiful, setting up a yurt with a real mattress and night stands to replicate the look for a weekend is pretty unrealistic. However, here are a few items to make your next camping trip a little more stylish.

Okay, so the gramophone is a bit over the top for a camping trip but, so, is the concept of glamping. Plus, it is too badass not to include.

Have you been glamping before? If so, what are your essentials?