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For example, if you're decorating your living room will you use the space for comfortable living for and your family or do you often entertain guests?
Photos and Space Measurements
See the link at the bottom of the page on how to properly photograph and measure your space.
Terms and Conditions
1. E-Design is an online design consultation service only. Suggestions are only intended to improve the aesthetic look of your space and are not intended for construction purposes.
2. Client agrees to provide all information regarding their project requirements.
3. E-Design client agrees to correspond strictly through online communication.
4. 3A Design Studio is not responsible for inaccurate information given by client.
5. 3A Design Studio is not responsible for repairs or returns to any purchases made in conjunction with E-Design recommendations.
6. 3A Design Studio is not accountable for suggested items being in-stock, as availability for these items may change. Likewise, we do not guarantee the prices of items listed, as this is also subject to change by the manufacturer and/or retailer.
7. E-Design clients agree to have their project featured on 3A Design Studio's website (we will not share the resources.)
8. Due to the nature of the E-Design Services, all E-Design Services are non-refundable. We will strive to do our very best to design a room that you will love, and encourage you to provide us with as many photographs {showing your personal style} as possible.
9. One revision in included and must be received within 14 days of receiving design plan. Any additional revisions will be charged at our A La Carte fee of $125.
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*For instructions on how to photograph and measure your space, click here.