Outdoor Spaces

It has recently felt like fall here in sunny Pensacola. This beautiful weather has inspired me to get out doors and spruce up our back yard. Since we moved into our house a couple years ago, our backyard has been on the bottom of our list of priorities. 

One major issue we have with our backyard is the lack of privacy. From our backyard we can look straight into our neighbor's bedroom.    

I have always longed for an outdoor fireplace with a hearth. Not only would it be a pretty focal point, but it could act as a privacy wall.  The hearth could double as additional seating for outdoor gatherings or a great place to display pretty accessories. 

Here is what  I have in mind. 

3A Global Chic outdoor space.jpg

fireplace  // lantern // blue pillow // fuchsia pillow // hammock // table // chair


Now just to implement it.