Client Project- Coastal Chic

We often receive requests from people who would like to change up the look of their space while utilizing their existing main pieces of furniture. We are always up for the challenge and our clients come away impressed by the transformation involving their existing items.

Here is an E-Design we just completed for a client who wanted to change the look of her living room from contemporary to coastal.  She had recently purchased a living room set, which she asked us to incorporate into the design.  Since much of her living room had shiny finishes, we decided to do a coastal chic look and bring in natural materials to soften the room.

coastal chic inwt.jpg

Here are some before photos. As can be seen, her furniture is pretty neutral and has clean lines.

photo 1.JPG

photo 2.jpg

To achieve the coastal look, we recommended new pillows, curtains, a new rug and art work. Also suggested was a new lamp shade for the existing lamp and to paint the dark bookshelves the same color as the fireplace mantel as seen below.


We created two design options for our client to choose from. The first having a cooler sleeker look while the second is a bit warmer.


We also showed the client how her existing coffee table could be transformed by replacing the base with one made of driftwood. Like the one shown in this image.

table base.jpg

In the end, she was very pleased with our E-Design and how we were able to pull off the look she wanted with her existing furniture. We look forward to sharing with you which design she decided to go with once the installation is complete.

If you find yourself in a similar situation where you would like to makeover a room but the budget does not allow for completely new furniture, drop us a line. We are able to assist you in bringing new life into your space with the furniture you already own.