A Vintage Nursery for Twin Boys

Per usual, our hectic schedule has kept us from showing you a design project we completed months ago.  We've designed several nurseries in the past, but this was our first for twins!  Kristi from Atlanta contacted us about helping to finish off her adorable boys' nursery.  This momma already had great taste but needed help making the finished product a sweet, vintage space just as she dreamed.  She was super enjoyable to work with and was on board with everything we sent her way--a dream client!

Here's how the room looked when she contacted us:

vintage nursery 3.JPG

We needed to work with some existing furnishings, wall color and chair rail.  Our job was to tie everything together and bring in some new pieces to add color, interest and texture to make this space everything it could be.  Here's what we suggested (click on image to enlarge):

We switched out the white blinds for bamboo shades for added warmth and texture, added in new fabrics and linens in pops of green and yellow and brought in new wall art and accessories to bring the room to life.  For long wall, specifically, we suggested the collection of oars shown in the image above.  Here's the elevation we sent Kristi to give you an idea on the size/scale.  


Sometimes all a space needs is a few elements and switches to really make it what it could be.  We were very happy with the outcome of the room and were so pleased that the client loved it too!  If you have a room that you need help designing, whether it's a clean slate or just finishing touches, we'd love to help.  Contact us for your E-Design needs.