penny round tile

Penny Rounds are my favorite mosaic tile. As the name suggests, they're about the size of a penny and come in tons of colors, finishes, and materials: glass, porcelain, metal, stone--you name it. 

They've been used in design for a long time and are certainly nothing new, but they've gained some popularity over the last several years. The best part is, the never quite became "trendy," which means you can use them and not instantly date your home (so that twenty years from now no one can walk in your home and say "well this was obviously done in 2014"). 

Depending on how you use them they can be cute, sophisticated, dramatic, eye-catching, subtle--whatever you like. When you use the standard ceramic version, it's fairly inexpensive. And, did you know that the shape of a circle is the most aesthetically pleasing of all shapes?? It's true. All the more reason to use them.

Here are some great installation photos to showcase their versatility:

Not a great install shot, but this was too cool not to post--it's cork!!  image

Not a great install shot, but this was too cool not to post--it's cork!! image

Have you seen enough yet?! Does it make you want to find a way to use penny rounds in your home?? It should. 

(But please don't fall victim to the mindset that you can install them yourself--mosaic tile installation--not unlike any tile installation--should be left to a professional. Once tile is laid, it's not coming back up without a huge laborious mess. Please make sure it's done correctly--not by your Uncle Ronny.)

I also want to take a minute to credit the fabulous website Houzz from which I get nearly all of my photos. It's great because unlike a browser search, you can always see professional (well, sometimes) photos directly from their source, so that you can get accurate info and we can give proper credit where it's due. Check it out for your own design ideas!