Five cheery rooms to brighten your day

It is rainy and gloomy today here on the Gulf Coast. To help brighten our day, here are five cheery rooms that I am currently obsessing over. Enjoy!


It is hard to tell from the image below, but the canopy around this bed was created by using ceiling mounted curtain rods. Clever, huh? I love how they used a mix of patterns and pops of bold colors against a white backdrop.



I adore this kitchen and may have featured it before. All the natural light, the warm exposed beams against the white ceiling, the domed hood, beautiful tiled wall, and vintage chandelier work together to make this kitchen so cozy.



This bright and organized laundry room would take the chore out of doing laundry.



Can we all agree that this emerald bed is freakin amazing!? I just want to roll around on it like how a dog takes to grass.


In case you need a visual :)



So, this last one technically is not a room but a super cute patio. What isn't there to love?  This Woodward patio set is a great example of how a fresh coat of paint and fun textiles can breathe new life into a vintage piece of furniture.


Well, here is hoping for sunshine tomorrow!

Later, lovelies.