Nguyen Nursery Update

With only 5 more weeks to go before baby Nguyen is here, it is crunch time!

Dana, Me, Mallory and the 3A babies at my shower this weekend.

Dana, Me, Mallory and the 3A babies at my shower this weekend.

I have been working on the finishing details for the baby's nursery. If you recall I did a post a couple months back where I was trying to decide between three different design themes. Well, I decided to go with a variation of the Geometric Palm Springs theme.


This campaign dresser I scored at a local flea market. Please excuse my mess. 


The hardware on it was pretty grimy and pitted. Since Brasso did not clean them up like I had hoped, I gave spray painting a try.


After reading some reviews, I purchased Krylon's metallic spray paint in Gold Leaf. The hardware on the corners of the dresser are attached with little pins. I was afraid if I took them off they would get damaged. So, I decided it would be best to hand paint them. Martha Stewart's Brass Liquid Gilding appeared to be a good color match to the spray paint.


After painting all the hardware, the corners were a bit darker. I then took an empty glass and sprayed the spray paint in to it. I mixed it real well and then applied the spray paint with a brush on to the corner hardware. Surprisingly, it worked.


I am pretty pleased with how the hardware turned out. Stay tuned to for the final nursery reveal.

Later, lovelies.