Contrast Piping

Contrast piping--a simple concept that can create a profound look.  I've really been noticing/digging contrast piping in upholstered pieces lately...especially when the piping is darker than the overall upholstery.  It's not overly complicated but can really make a piece.  Here's a few favorites to show you what I mean.

The brown detail on these x-benches make them stick out in the vignette instead of fading away into the wall color.

A darker piping on light colored fabrics is a great way to increase longevity in a pieces. The edges are what get the most dirty, right?  I love this navy and white combo.

The black and white ottomans and pink and black sofa are tied together without trying too hard thanks to the contrast piping on both. 

This window bunk just got even more playful with the pop of color in the orange piping.  A little something, something to enhance an already adorable room.  The details are what make a space!


The black piping on the cream patio furniture from the American Dream Builders finale looks so sophisticated and classy.  I want that sofa on my own patio!

American Dream Builders patio.jpg

Again, the use of black brings a little extra sophistication to this charming room.  A little black goes a long way, folks.


And lastly this chartruese sofa brings it home with the contrast piping.  Everything just looks a little more put together with these clean lines.

eclectic-living-room contrast piping.jpg

So that's what I've been drooling over lately.  I can't stop thinking about where I can apply this in my own designs--headboards, chairs, sofas...  All of the examples I showed above are solids, but this concept would be just as great with patterned upholstery... like this greek key chair that I need in my life.



Oh the possibilities are endless!