navy bedroom progress

The post you've all been waiting for is here!! 

I kid. 

But seriously, this room has been the recipient of the majority of my design efforts since we moved in. I thought you deserved a peek into how far it's come!


Things I've done:

  • Painted Walls
  • Upholstered my own headboard
  • Added curtains and DIY gold dipped wood curtain rods
  • Added pussywillow branches above headboard

Things still to be done:

  • Add large upholstery tacks to top of headboard to give a semi-tufted look (something like this, but more on that later)
  • Find a rug for the foot of the bed or in front of the dresser (yesterday I found and fell in love with this one but it's not currently in the budget)
  • Refinish dresser and replace hardware
  • Hang artwork
  • Find something for in front of the bed--preferably a bench of some sort

(You can find my original moodboard for the room here)

I finally feel like I'm on the downhill with this room. It's to a point where I'm satisfied with how it looks overall and I don't have that constant itch to get things done. The dresser will be my next big project to tackle. And I've never refinished wood before, so that should be interesting.

The room feels inviting, cozy--like the retreat that a master bedroom should, instead of the vast emptiness that it gave off when we first moved in. It's really the pride of my house so far. I still love my guest room the most, but I've put the most work into the master, hence my satisfaction.

Take a look at this side-by-side.

bedroom new.002.jpg

What a difference some paint and a headboard makes, huh? It's nice when your hard work pays off!

Until next time!