5 Versatile Pieces for Every Home

Furniture for a home can often times be a big expense.  There are definitely deals out there (thank you, Craigslist and estate sales), but sometimes you just need to invest in a good, solid piece that can live in your home for years.  It's even better when that piece can function well in many rooms in your home...especially if you're like me and like to change things up every now and then without making any new purchases.  

Here are a few items that can be used for years to come (and rooms to rearrange) in your home.  I know because I have them in my own home and have used them and moved them around for years!

These can be used in a small seating area, living room, dining room (as head chairs) or even as a desk chair.  This particular one is available at Ballard Designs in a wide variety of upholstery to fit any style.

winged chair ballard designs

My husband and I purchased one of these when we first got married and picked out a new sofa.  It was an easy decision because it was on major sale but looking back, it would have been a great buy even if it wasn't.  We've used it at the foot of our bed in our first tiny master bedroom and now it sits on the wall next to the bed.  It's a great spot for reading, laying out an outfit and holding all of the decorative bed pillows at night.  Eventually, I might move it to the dining room for extra table seating or possibly even the entry.  I love versatility!  Make sure to choose one on the small side (like this one) for maximum use in different areas.

Mine in particular is a short (17") dark wood saddle stool that's been great in a small bath, pantry (as a stepping stool), side table in a seating area and a small end table for a low-lying sofa.  You don't have to go the saddle route, though.  Any small stool with a classic design will work.  I'm particularly loving this teak one sold at All Modern. It would be a showstopper in any room.

teak stool all modern

Perfect for an entry table, storage in a living room, side table or hallway these guys are a great piece to have.  This one sold at Soft Surroundings has a great transitional style to fit many spaces.

nora three drawer console

Okay, so obviously this last one isn't a piece of furniture BUT it's still a great buy that can be used throughout your home.  Topiaries instantly bring life to a space whether that space be a bathroom, kitchen, entry, mantel or bedroom.  They bring in texture, height and greenery--a must in every home.  Pick up one at your local nursery or buy one here at White Flower Farm.

rosemary topiary

So there you have it--five versatile pieces that can work in every home!  Do you have a favorite?

Until next time...