Nursery/Toddler Room Update

A very short 6 weeks (give or take) sits between our one-kid house and the arrival of our second baby.

We are starting to prep tiny baby laundry, finalize our baby needs list, and most importantly, we had to turn the crib back into a crib—my daughter has been sleeping in it as a toddler bed. You may remember our plans to incorporate a twin bed into the room, which we have now done—finally!

As most things go, I’ve changed some things since the original room plan, but it’s coming together. Here’s a peek at the toddler corner of the room:

The room ended up in a layout similar to this one (only mirrored, so the bed and crib are on opposite sides from where I have them drawn--the bed against the window wall and the crib immediately in front as you enter the room): 

Even though I didn’t think I’d get much done as far as decorating the new space, I did order some new sheets for the bed and fabrics to be made into something functional and cute. The when and how that will happen I’ll worry about later ;) For now here’s a look at what I have left to incorporate into the space:

The windows already have some linen curtains up, but they only serve as dressings, and unfortunately the window receives Eastern light—meaning my daughter is up with the sun. Every. Day.  So I’m thinking of making either blackouts with the window fabric, or even some roman shades.

What do you think?

If this baby ends up being a boy I’ll probably bring more of the reds into that side of the room. But that will be tacked on to the other tasks for the room, I’m sure. (For example, I'd also like to paint the room a cooler, lighter color, but that's definitely not happening anytime soon!)

For now I’m just worried about making sure we have all the essentials for bringing home a baby. It’s surprising how much you forget about needing in those early days—but it’s also helpful to have done it once before so I know exactly how much we don’t need. Sometimes I think it’s just as important to decide what you don’t need when creating a functional design for a space. The phrase “less is more” didn’t come about for nothing!

Until next time…