A nursery's transition to a big girl's room

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend.  I thought I would share with you today an e-design we recently completed. 

More times than not, we have clients who want to update the look of a room by purchasing a few new pieces rather than starting from scratch. Our client from South Carolina had a beautiful nursery but her daughter was outgrowing her toddler bed. She asked for our help to transition the nursery into a big girl’s room.   

Our objective was to create a youthful design that her daughter would not out-grow for many years to come. We selected a beautiful canopy bed with contemporary lines and a few supporting pieces to tie-in the look with the existing elements in the room. The nursery’s rocking chair was replaced with a fun hanging chair, in a similar tone to the woven shades that are in the room. At bedtime, the bench at the foot of the bed can be used to place stuffed animals and extra pillows.

Here is a better image of the duvet cover.

As the years go by and the toys get replaced with clothes and accessories, the room's foundation pieces will remain relevant. We hope it becomes a room her daughter will look back on with many fond memories.

If you are interested in refreshing one of your room's, drop us a line. We would love to help.