New Year, New Home, NEW SERVICE

The New Year always brings a time of self-evaluation, which in turn leads to new resolutions on making a better you, a better life.  But what about other things that need evaluation?  Your home for instance.  Isn't it worth it for you and your family to have a space you enjoy, a place in which you want to spend time?  

Instead of thinking up a list of resolutions for myself (that I'll inevitably forget after a few weeks), I am resolving to complete some unfinished rooms in my home.  As they say, "the cobblers children have no shoes."  Just because we're designers, doesn't mean every room in our home is finished.  And even when they are "done" we quickly think of something else we want to change :)

This year I want to tackle the following:

Design by Phoebe Howard

Design by Phoebe Howard


I need to finally decide on and order a new entry light and possibly a runner.  This one from Ballard Designs is the one I really want, but I need the large size so I may have to look for something a little less expensive.


Jon got a new laptop for Christmas so he hardly works in there anymore, which means I have complete and free reign!  I'm going to start out by getting some new things up on the wall, adding some more functional storage and ordering a new office chair.  The chair we have in there now is a wooden antique chair that is gorgeous, but not so comfortable for sitting on for long periods of time. I have my eye set on this one from Crate & Barrel.

Designed by Catherine Kwong

Designed by Catherine Kwong


I want to get a new rug and throw pillows (oh the ever evolving throw pillow saga) for the room.  Our current rug shows some wear and tear and is slightly too small for this living room (I purchased it when we were in our old house).  I think I’ve found a good neutral option that will last for a long time (yeah right, is what my husband would say J)  I also want to get some new pillows.  I’m a throw pillow fanatic so all of the ones I have have been collected over time.  I think I need to start fresh to really finish off the space.  I love these from West Elm for my swivel chairs.

velvet arabesque pillow west elm

As you can see, I only need one or two things in each room.  We’ve found that this is the case for many of you as well, and will soon be launching a new service-- a virtual consultation with a la carte sourcing!  We can now help you find that one thing your room was missing and/or give you tips on the room as a whole, at a fraction of the price of an in-home consultation.  We're so excited to offer this new service and can't wait to start working in your home!

Stay tuned for our official launch coming soon!  Learn more here