Ten Small Pools that are Big on Style

Like most of the U.S. it has been soo HOT here. This heat has me wishing we had a pool. Not a big one that takes up a lot of yard, but a plunge pool big enough for the family to cool off in. I have started compiling inspiration images of what our perfect small pool would look like.

Here are a few pools that are big on style but do not take up a lot of space.


Not too big, not too small. Just right.


The glass gate around this pool offers safety for the little ones while still looking very stylish.


Lap pools are great in tight areas due to their long and narrow shape.


Is this not the prettiest lap pool?!


A raised pool is a great look and also helps prevent accidental falls in to the pool. Can you tell I have a toddler with all my safety concerns? :)

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest


This raised pool is located at the chic Casa Fayette in Mexico. Experience would be complete with a margarita in hand.

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest



Ideally I would like a pool without a lot of cement surrounding it. Below is a neat take on the pool surround by visually breaking up the cement with grass cutting through it.


This beauty is located on the Gulf Coast in Alys Beach. Probably too small for us but the design is gorgeous.


Last but not least, this pool offers a nice change from the typical rectangular shape.

While soaking in our new pool, how cute would it be drinking from these straws created by OhJoy?! Click here to download the free template.

Do you have any tips on what to look for in a new pool? If so, i would love to hear from you.