Artist Spotlight: Christina Baker

"There will never be enough blank canvas to fulfill the desire within me to create." 

-Christina Baker


Artwork is such an intricate part of a room's design.  While I'm all for DIY pieces and black and white family photos, sometimes nothing can do the space justice like a true art piece.  

One particular artist that I love is Christina Baker.  Her paintings go so well with almost any style and have such a softness and fluidity to them.  She is excellent at marrying beautiful color combinations with abstract forms and the outcome is nothing short of amazing.

She began painting in watercolors with her grandmother, and I love that you can still see that inspiration in her work.

Here is one of her recent watercolors.   

Here is one of her recent watercolors.   

Many of her paintings are available at galleries around Atlanta, GA, but you can follow other available works and her latest paintings on her Facebook page or website.  

Don't you just want a piece for yourself now?

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DIY Acrylic Frames

My husband and I recently hung a series of frames on a tall wall in our living room, and every time I walk by them, I smile.  It made SUCH a huge impact on the room.  The right artwork and frames can do just that—completely transform a space.

One type of framing that I’ve been swooning over for awhile now is acrylic frames.  They are so understated (letting the artwork take center stage) while also being complete showstoppers because of their uniqueness. 

Love the idea of framing a scarf.  Image via Highland Hardware

Love the idea of framing a scarf.  Image via Highland Hardware

There are several tutorials for DIY versions online, including this one showcased on Home Depot's website, but you can also buy ready-made kits.  Custom framing doesn’t ever come cheap but these are actually pretty reasonable considering the size you can use—Home Depot has sheets as big as 4x8 ft.  Talk about a statement piece! 

But if you do prefer to have the work done for you, Highland Hardware on Etsy is a great place to look.  They also sell the bolts needed, if you go the DIY route, in various finishes. 

Acrylic frames are great for keeping wallpaper uninterrupted.  

Acrylic frames are great for keeping wallpaper uninterrupted.  

I contemplated framing a dress that belonged to me as little girl in an acrylic frame for Auden’s nursery a couple of years ago but in the end decided to use what I had on hand.  Now that baby number 2 is on the way, the idea is back in full force.  I think it would make such a beautiful piece in her room, especially on those charcoal slate walls.

What do you guys think?  What would you frame in your acrylic piece?

Artist Spotlight: Teil Duncan

A young talent from Charleston, Teil Duncan is the artist behind these beautiful abstracts and gestural figure paintings. Her paintings consist of lovely color palettes and contain a feminine quality to them. My favorites are from her beach series.


Teil's art can be purchased on her website but be warned she sells out fast. Many of her paintings sell for around $1950-$1400. However, she offers a couple affordable prints for $110 such as, the ones below.

All Images  Via

All Images Via

Gorgeous, no? If there is an artist you think we should know about, share with us. We are always looking for great art.