Let's Take a Tour-Grow Marketing Offices in SF

The latest edition of Rue Magazine detailed the inside look of the offices at Grow Marketing in San Francisco.  As soon as I turned the virtual page, I thought to myself, "I want to work here!"

Cassie Hughes and Gabrey Means used to be rivals, each working for fashion giants Gap Inc. and Levi's.  After meeting and chatting over a bottle of wine, they decided they should start a new business venture, together.  What formed was Grow Marketing, now residing on Pacific Avenue in historic Jackson Square in San Francisco.

The pair set out to create an agency of their own and "foster an environment that felt supportive, yet aspirational."  After looking at the interiors of their offices, I think they succeeded in doing just that!  Let's take a tour. 

Exposed brick, crisp white walls and beautiful moldings are the backdrop for this stunning office.  Gabrey and Cassie worked with designer Josef Medellin to transform the building, originally built in 1907.

grow marketing office1 via rue mag

Of course, the bright yellow furniture can't be forgotten either.

grow marketing offices2 via rue mag

I'd gladly take a meeting in this adorable conference room.

grow marketing offices3 via rue mag
grow marketing offices7 via rue mag

Relaxed brainstorming areas are filled with leopard print upholstery and a vintage suitcase functioning as a coffee table. My mind is already traveling to great places just looking at it.

grow marketing offices4 via rue mag

More white and historic moldings...and flowers.  I can't forget the flowers.

grow marketing offices5 via rue mag

Seriously, isn't this place so chic? Hard to believe it used to be a watering hole and brothel at one time, huh?

grow marketing offices6 via rue mag

I love the open floor plan and the juxtaposition of the industrial stairs with the glamorous chandeliers and furnishings.

grow marketing offices8 via rue mag

More cheerful office furniture...and those oversized mirrors?  Amazing.

grow marketing offices9 via rue mag

A workplace dreams are made of...

grow marketing offices10 via rue mag

I sincerely apologize if you're reading this at your generic cubicle, but I can assure you you're not the only one longing for an office like this.  Job well done, Means, Hughes and Medellin. Job well done.

grow marketing offices11 via rue mag

TGIF friends!