One Year

One year ago we started out on our journey as 3A Design Studio.  It's hard to believe we're back in another September.  What a year it's been!  Along with giving birth to our company, two of us have given birth to new babies as well (Dana had a 9 month old when we started!), and all of us taken on the title of stay at home working mom, one of the hardest there is if you ask me.  To say that it's been a year of new beginnings, exciting journeys and stressful trials is an understatement.  But we made it, and we're stronger for it!  We're so proud of all that we've accomplished and want to keep dreaming bigger and better.  

And we could not do any of it without you.  Yes, you.  You on the other side of that screen taking the time to read our blog, comment on our Facebook page, like our Instagram photos.  You and lots of hard work are what keep us going!  Anyone that's started their own business knows that it is hard work and work that can't be done without the help and support of others.  And we are so thankful for all of you that have been with us on this journey.  We talked about it a little bit here, but we honestly can't express our gratitude enough.  We've learned so much and grown so much since we first started, and we have all of you to thank!  

Every single one of our clients this year was amazing.  Every. Single. One of them.  You all made our job feel so rewarding.  We loved being invited into your homes and helping you make it a place you love.  We can't wait to continue our work in some spaces and begin to help more of you do the same in yours.  Getting to do what we love is such a gift and getting to use our talents to benefit others makes it so worthwhile!

In honor of our one year anniversary, we had a little photo shoot to celebrate (with cake of course!)  We ended up having to blow out the candles several times during our photo shoot, and I like to think that means we'll have a lot of wishes coming true in the next year.

Here's to another year on our journey!  Another year of chasing dreams and meeting new friends.  Another year of beautiful spaces.  Another year of living the dream and fighting for it every day.  We love y'all!

And to show our love and say "thank you!", we have a giveaway coming up soon (it was part of our shoot yesterday as well!).  Stay tuned because I promise you won't want to miss it!