Mama and Baby Essentials from 3A

Not only are all of us at 3A designers, but we are also moms to small children and growing families. If we aren't discussing design projects, we are usually discussing kids. And nap times! We love being able to share what works for us with each other. 

And for that reason we also decided to share it with you! 

We put our brains together and came up with a list of things that generally make mom life easier. You may know about some of them, and some of them you may not! So here they are:

mama and baby must haves

1. Fisher Price 4-in-1 Tub.  This tub grows with your baby in every stage from newborn to toddlerhood. And it has a hook so that it can hang to dry and stay out of the way when other people need to use the bathtub.

2. Samsung Video Monitor  Video monitors are wonderful, but eventually babies learn to scoot and crawl and climb and walk out of view. This one not only has a great camera, but also lets you pan around the room and zoom in when you want to check on baby without disturbing them.

3. Bravado Nursing Bra  Best money ever spent on a bra—supportive and comfortable (and I may or may not still wear it sometimes even though my daughter has weaned!)

4. Mama Necklace from the Jones Market  If you thought you’d never wear jewelry as long as you had small children, this is the perfect solution. Non-toxic chewable beads on a tug-able jersey cotton infinity strand. Babies can pull and chew away while you look like you actually put thought into getting dressed ;)

5. Graco Sound Machine   Sound machines saved us in the early days. And some of the ones for babies are on timers and they shut off abruptly after only a short time. This one not only runs as long as you want it, but connects to an ipod, and has a soft glow. (And if you need it on the go, check out the White Noise App for smartphones.)

6. My Breast Friend Nursing Pillow  One of the best feeding pillows around. More supportive for both mama and baby, doesn’t slip off, and holds all your gear that is constantly strewn about the house that you always need and can’t get to when you sit down to feed baby. (I will say I’ve heard this is not ideal for c-section mamas, though.)

7. Aiden + Anais Muslin Swaddling Blankets  Aside from being the best material for swadding, these muslin swaddle blankets do countless other things. They’re spit up catchers, play areas on the go when you need to put baby down, changing pads in emergencies, nursing covers, carseat covers, light blankets…the list goes on!

8. Happy Baby Wrap  Let's face it--sometimes you just have to wear a baby to get things done. This need increases when you have other small children! The hands-free benefit alone is enough to have one. Plus studies show keeping baby close to mama is beneficial in psychological and emotional development--it can also help your nursing relationship. With the right help you can even learn to nurse baby in one. Hands-free nursing?! Sign me up!

9. Fisher Price Baby Swing  Swings are a part of every smart mom’s arsenal. Sometimes you have to, you know, do things besides feed and carry a baby and this is the perfect squishy, cozy place to put them. The built-in sound machine and mobile is the cherry on top.

10. Tommee Tippee Bibs  These wipable bibs are perfect for both at-home and on-the-go. They wipe right off, eliminating the need to wash yet another food-splattered piece of baby gear

11. Natursutten Pacifiers  100% natural rubber, plastic free, and made from a single mold. I can’t tell you how many traditional pacifiers I had to throw away because they got wet and started growing  things inside the mouth piece. Yuck.

12. Sleep Sack   If you have a houdini baby that can make it out of any swaddle, or one that just hates swaddling in general, sleep sacks are perfect to keep baby cozy and safe. I've even seen people use these on toddlers--they come in all sizes!

13. Total Baby App  This is the perfect all-in-one phone app to keep track of almost everything your baby does, as well as mapping out their natural rhythms and schedules. It also includes a place to keep track of growth and shot records. For pumping mamas, it even has a timer for pump times! What more could you need?

14. Co-Sleeper Bassinet   If you've decided to keep baby in your room for the early days, this is your best friend for night feedings. You can keep baby in a safe sleeping environment right next to your bed and scoot their sleepy full little bellies back into bed without having to move them too much!

So there you have it! If you're a mama and don't see one of your essentials on the list, let us know! We are always looking for things to make life easier as moms. Currently I'm looking for even more since I have two months left before this next baby arrives! 

Until next time, mamas!