Design Trend :: Indigo Hmong Textiles

Indigo batik textiles seem to be showing up in many design publications these days. Of the indigo batiks, the vintage Hmongs are my favorite.

The Hmong are an Asian ethnic group living in the mountainous regions of Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and China. The beautiful Hmong textiles known as Paj ntaub or "flower cloth" are created using a traditional wax-resist method known as batik. Wax is applied in intricate patterns to a piece of cloth, typically made of hemp or cotton. The cloth is then soaked in natural indigo dyes. The wax acts as a resistant by preventing the dye from soaking through the cloth. After the fabric has been dyed and the wax removed, the beautiful design is revealed. Colorful embroidery is sometimes then added to the fabric.

The Paj ntaub traditionally were applied to skirts worn for funerals, courtship during New Year festivals, as well as baby-carriers, and men's collars.

Image Via  Dellshop

Image Via Dellshop

Image source unknown

Image source unknown

Image Via  TribalCollection
Image Via  Amber Lewis

Image Via Amber Lewis

Image Via Amber Lewis

Image Via Amber Lewis

Image Via Honestly  WTF

Image Via Honestly WTF

Image Via  Design Love Fest

Vintage Hmong fabrics, as well as ready-made pillows and other soft goods, can be found on Etsy and eBay. Several home décor retailers have caught on to the trend and now offer knock off versions.

Serena and Lily's  Camile Scroll pillows

Serena and Lily's Camile Scroll pillows

I bought these pillow covers last year for my sunroom. Can't wait to finally get to use them!

So, what do you think of the trend? Love it or leave it?

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