An office / guest room design

Our latest completed e-design, came from a client who like many, had a spare bedroom that needed to function as both an office and a guest room for the occasional visitor.

A couple requirements she had were A) when the room was being used by a guest, she wanted the ability to tuck away any office related items so that it felt more like a guest room than an office and B) she needed storage for her many books.

office/guest room

Based on the space, we decided the best option was to have a pull out sofa in between built-in bookshelves. The sofa could act as both a comfortable place to read and a bed when needed.  We selected a streamlined desk with a storage drawer and suggested running electricity into the closet so that she could keep her wireless printer, filing cabinet, and other office related items behind the louvered doors. 

For the color palette, we wanted to keep the room light so that it would be conducive to studying and also flow with the rest of the house. We kept the walls white, chose a pale gray for the built-ins (BM Owl Gray) and layered the room with neutrals and blues. The end result was a contemporary, beachy look. I absolutely love the contrast of the peacock blue sofa against the natural wood finishes!


Well, I hope you got some ideas. If you have a design challenge that you need help with, drop us a line. Whether it is finding the perfect coffee table or designing an entire room, we can help.