Favorite Online Bedding Resources

If there's one way to finish off a bedroom or nursery with a designer's touch, it's with great bedding.  Just as we are against a matching set of furniture, so too are we against the good ol' "bed in a bag."  I know that these are made in an attempt to have you believe that by using the pieces provided, you'll achieve custom-looking bedding but I assure you, the opposite is true.  

Mixing and matching bedding pieces is the way to go--and it's so fun!  Mixing and matching colors, textures and patterns will instantly give your bedding a beautiful layered look that was thoughtfully put together.  

Below I've outlined a few of my favorite online bedding resources for adults and children/babies for easy shopping.  Don't be afraid to mix and match items from different retailers to finish your look!

Best bedding sources by 3A Design Studio

They have a lot of great foundation pieces (linen duvet covers, solid quilts) on which to build the rest of your bedding.  I also love their patterned sheets to add a little fun to any room.  And furthermore, they have great sales!

Bedding is what they do so naturally they are going to have a lot of great options.  Beautiful, subtle patterned sheets and shams, soft duvets outlined in every color of the rainbow and gorgeous scalloped sheets that I mentioned here.  They also usually run a lot great sales.

This retailer is not new to anyone.  My favorite pieces from them are the embroidered duvets and pick-stitch quilts.  They also have a new line of greek key throws that are amazing.

For kids and babies in your life, here are my favorites sources:

They have well-designed crib sheet patterns (that are also super soft), a bedding basics collection with bumpers/crib skirts in every color and an assortment of unique pieces like this macramé crib skirt.  

Home to whimsical and playful bedding options from crib sizes up to a queen (something that's usually hard to find in kid-friendly prints).  They also have an assortment of duvets and unique crib bedding.  And when they run a sale, it's usually a great one!

If you're looking for soft tones, comfortable fabrics and subtle patterns, RHBC is your guy.  I'm particularly fond of their washed linen and matelasse crib bedding collections.  They also have a ton of great sheet options and will send you swatch samples for free!

So the next time you're looking to update your bedding, give these sources a look first and say "good bye!" to the bed in the bag!

Big Girl Bedding

My little girl will be 17 months old this month, and I've started thinking about what her room will look like once she's out of her crib and in a "big girl" bed.  I'm fortunate enough to have some gorgeous antique twin beds passed down from my great grandmother that I'm going to get to use in her room.  They have beautifully carved headboards with matching footboards, and I want them to be the show stoppers in the room.

Even if I had different beds, I think I'd still want to keep the bedding pretty simple though.  There's something so sweet about predomimently white bedding with a pop of color for a little girl.  I know I want to use a white coverlet with a folded fluffy duvet at the foot of the bed.  I'll keep the sheets a simple white with a colored scallop detail like these.   

For the pillows, I'm thinking of a sham with a matching color border like these, also from Crane and Canopy.

To finish the look, I envision a decorative pillow in the front.  Here are a few of my favorites at the moment.

decorative pillows for a girls room

As you can tell, I'm really loving floral block prints right now.  There's just something so sweet and feminine about them.  Here are all of the sources:

1- On sale for $29.99 and the back side is beautiful too.
2- This watercolor print is also currently on sale for $31 at Layla and Grace
3- A favorite from Serena and Lily for $68
4- I love the muted colored in this kilim option from Etsy -$69.95
5- The priciest of the bunch at $100, this handmade option is gorgeous

To finish off the room, I'd hang this beautiful painting.  I've admired it since I was a little girl and saw it hanging at my grandmother's house.  Impressionism is by far my favorite art movement and the colors in this piece are just so stunning.

I can't wait to see Auden's room to come together this year.  I hope she'll love it as much as me!

Company Spotlight - Biscuit Home

Paul Crib Sheet

Have you guys heard of the online site Biscuit Home?  I just recently discovered their store and have quickly become a fan.  They have everything from accessories to decor to baby toys.  The favorite for me though is their bedding.

One thing they offer something that many other stores don't carry, unique and stylish crib sheets.

biscuit home crib sheets.jpg

Hand painted faux bois?!  I would LOVE to use that in a little man's nursery.  Constellations, lilac blooms and don't even get me started on the amazing colors in the Jenny floral sheet...sigh.  I need a nursery to design ASAP.

Aside from the crib sheets, they also make pillows, regular sheets and duvets in the all of the above prints.  And to help you build your own bedding set, they offer pillows, sheets and duvets with border trim in nearly every color of the rainbow so you can easily find the perfect match for your needs.  Here are just a few:

biscuit home border pillows.jpg

The pillows come in all different shapes and sizes--boudoir, standard sham and Euro sham.  Each is made of 350 thread-count 100% cotton sateen and made in the USA.  Are you sold yet?

No?  One more awesome thing about this company (based out of Houston, Texas) is that they have signature prints as well. Look at this one called Marfa (a nod to the Texas town).

Pretty cute, huh?  And just because I love stripes, I have to show you these Powell stripe pillows too (also offered in crib sheets or a duvet).

So good.  TGIF!

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