Baby R's Nursery Update- Decision Time

This past week I've been in major nesting mode wanting to check everything off of my never-ending house to do list--specifically in the new nursery.  Jon and I have a lot of cleaning out to do (it's currently his "man cave"/catch all room) before the real decor can even go up.  I'm one who loves to clean out and organize as it is, but when you add in a baby, it's even worse.

In an attempt to get a move on, I've been finalizing some nursery decisions so that all pieces are here when it's time to get everything in its place.  Specifically, the curtains have been ordered and sheets have been decided.  

Here are the four curtain options I was considering:


one // two // three // four

After much consideration (and a little help from my fellow design friends), I chose option number one with a blackout lining.  You may remember the top part of the room is painted a dark charcoal color so I really wanted something light to balance it out.  And down the road, when the girls start sharing a room, these will easily transition to a non-nursery room.  

I also picked out my crib sheets.  I loved the blue trellis ones from Serena & Lily that I used in Auden's room, and I think the mocha option will work great in the new nursery.  And because my love for block print can't be stopped, I really like this booti pink print from Rikshaw Designs.  The bed skirt is a muted petal pink linen-cotton one from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child and the bumpers will be the white pique with gray trim we used for Auden.  I plan on flipping it around so I can monogram the other side for this baby.  Waste not, want not, right?

With those items being confirmed, here is the updated mood board.  If you need a refresher, here is the starting point from over a month ago.   

The other new items are these gold leaf frames from West Elm and these beaded ones from Design Aglow for her gallery wall.  I purchased this art print from Jones Design Company months ago (before I was even pregnant) and think it will work great in the room.  The other new contender is this lamp by Nate Berkus.  I saw it in Target and immediately fell for the modern lines and acrylic base.  Because I love a good mix of modern and vintage, I think this will be a great addition to keep that balance.  

So that's the latest for Baby R.  What do you think?  

I'm off to get my nesting fix on and start cleaning out the man cave closet with the hubs!  As you can imagine, he's thrilled to be doing this on his off day ;)

Until next time...

Before and After: A Man Cave in the Making

When my husband and I moved into our new home, he was so excited to have an extra room to call his own.  It wasn't huge, but it was his :)  The previous owners used it as a bedroom for their 5-year-old son, who apparently was really into safari animals.  Perhaps you are starting to imagine where the "before" in this before and after began.  

The little boy's room had a safari theme, complete with bamboo fencing on the lower part of the walls and a metallic gold faux finish on the top. The brown chair rail, foot boards and outlet covers were dating this 21st century room/house at least 30 years.  It's the little things, people.  It really is.  So, since the room was not exactly putting the "man" in man cave, I got to work.

man cave before.jpg

After ripping off the bamboo and trim, which unfortunately was put on with a nail gun and liquid nails (aka will damage drywall upon removal), I decided to just cover that part of the walls.  I wanted to add a little more interest to the space with some wainscoting and crown molding anyway so it seemed like the perfect solution.   


Just changing the paint scheme, standard white on the bottom and Benjamin Moore's Charcoal Slate on top made a HUGE difference.  It already felt like an entirely new space.  The rest was just finishing off the details and adding the wainscoting stiles.

Wall color: Benjamin Moore Charcoal Slate

Wall color: Benjamin Moore Charcoal Slate

Pardon the iPhone photography and moving boxes, but you get the idea.  Quite a change, huh?  Since this photo was taken, the walls were touched up and adorned with a gallery of Jon's military memorabilia.  Once we finish up the space and decide on the last furniture pieces, I'll be sure to post another picture.  In the meantime, I hope this shows you just how much a little paint and trim can transform a space.  I absolutely love it.  And whether or not it stays a man cave or turns into another bedroom later on down the road, it'll be great either way.  No extra painting/renovations needed=music to my husband's ears.  

Unfortunately for him, my mind is still churning and working on several other rooms in our home.  A designer's home is never done.  :)  But I digress... Here's one last side-by-side comparison of the room:

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!