Why We Blog

Recently, we met for our yearly kickoff where we reflected on the previous year, talked about the things we like about our business, talked about the things we want to change and our goals for the coming year. In 2015 we experienced a lot of growth and with growth comes changes. The biggest change for us was Dana deciding she needed to leave the company after her second baby and focus on her family full-time. We fully support her decision for doing what is best for her family, and we remain friends.  She even still helps us out from time to time. 

Also during the meeting, we discussed our blog and what we want to bring to the table for you and for us in the new year.  In the discussion we narrowed down, quite simply, "Why we blog." For transparency and inspiration, we thought we'd share the reasons with you, and hope you come along for the ride this year!  If you haven't already, you can subscribe to receive blog updates by email by entering your address in the "Let's stay in touch!" section of the sidebar on your screen (or the bottom of the blog on your smartphone).

To share our work and love for design

To inspire others

To share snippets from this journey called life and motherhood

To make friends with common interests along the way  

Here's to a great 2016!

xo, Mallory and Jessica