My Summer Bucket List

I love lists.  To do lists. Grocery lists. Bucket lists.  But bucket lists are my favorite.  There's something gratifying about putting something down on paper that you hope to accomplish and being able to mark through it upon completion.

I've made my own bucket list for summer and thought I'd share with you guys for a little fun and maybe some inspiration...

1. Read a book- Sounds like a simple thing, right?  But with a busy schedule and 7-month old, spare time is a thing of the past.  I do want to start to turn off the tube and turn a page though.

2. Dine outside- I'd love to make it a point to dine outside at least once a week.  I've got to take advantage of these long hours of sunshine and summer breezes.

3. Eat a snow cone- Why not?  They're refreshing on these hot summer days, cost very little and make you feel like a kid again.  I'm in.

4. Go to a farmer's market- Fresh produce, homemade finds and homegrown blooms all supporting locals.  Sounds like a good idea to me.

5. Plant something- Get inspired by the farmers and plant something yourself!  I'm happy to announce that I am growing my first ever plant--jalapeño peppers.  I love checking on my little guys and knowing that I helped create them.  Next up are some flowers for the front porch.  Let's hope I have just as much luck with them!

6. Make s'mores- They are the ultimate summer treat and oh so delicious!  Need I say more?

What's on your summer bucket list?

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