Gift Guide for the Little Ones

If you're like our houses are like ours, your little ones are sure to get more toys than they could ever need!  We've selected some gift options that can be used for years to come, give back in some way or will ignite your child's imagination and hopefully not be old news in two weeks :)  Anyone, feel us? Let's dive in!

2017 gift guide for kids 3a design studio

ONE | CUDDLE + KIND DOLLS  These precious dolls aren't only adorable (they offer so many different designs), but they are always a great way to give back.  Each doll purchase yields 10 meals in the fight against childhood hunger. 

TWO | GEOMETRIC STACKER My daughter received for Christmas shortly after she turned one.  She's now four, with a two-year-old sister (and three young cousins) and they all love to play with it...three years later.  It's also make of wood so it's held up really well after all of the use! -M

THREE | FAWN ROCKER This rocker by Pottery Barn Kids is equal parts adorable (we can see it in a nursery or kid's room now!), sturdy and definitely something you could pass down.

FOUR | DOLLHOUSE The nostalgic look of this dollhouse from Hearth & Hand had me at first glance.  The exterior is adorable and would look great in any playroom! 

FIVE | PLAY FOOD This play food from Land of Nod not only looks adorable but each piece is made of wood so it will hold up well with little kids!

SIX | SHOPPING CART My oldest daughter received this on her second birthday and has used it every day since.  Its realistic design is such a hit, and it's a great place to toss in all of the play food!  Even her boy cousins get a hit out of it when they come to visit.  Grocery shopping is for everyone! -M

SEVEN | FIRE HOUSE  We can't forget the boys when it comes to imaginative play.  This one has great reviews (from online shoppers and personal friends!)  We're told this KidKraft fire station keeps your little one entertained for hours.

EIGHT | STATIONERY  This is one of our cute AND useful gifts.  My daughter loves to send mail, and I know having customized stationery with her look (you can even select the dress color) and name would be such a big hit!...and one less toy for the toy box ;) -M

NINE | ANDREA BEATY BOOK COLLECTION- IGGY PECK ARCHITECT,  ROSIE REVERE ENGINEER, AND ADA TWIST SCIENTIST These books not only are entertaining with their clever verses but are visually beautiful as well. 

TEN | PLASMA CAR Apparently these little guys are all the rage.  We've been told they are quite fun (even for the adults who take a spin on them!)

ELEVEN | BAPRON One of my least favorite parts of motherhood is all of the laundry, specifically the constant stain removing.  Baprons to the rescue!  These baby apron (which fit 6m-3+) are total life savers to my kids' clothes.  And did I mention they are made of ezClean fabric, an eco-friendly polyester that is treated for total waterproof protection and maximum stain resistance??  Sold!  I just made my second order with this sweet company. -M

TWELVE | MAGNA TILES These geometric magnetic shapes promote imagination and creativity. Children can make 2-D patterns or 3-D structures while developing fine motor and visualization skills.

THIRTEEN | ELECTRO DOUGH KIT For the kid who loves playing with play dough, this kit brings their creations to life and introduces them to how electricity works.

FOURTEEN | DUMP TRUCK Hess Toy Trucks comes out with a new truck every year.  This year is the dump truck!  Get one for your little and start your own collection to build year after year.


A Christmas List- for Kids

It's that time of year!.. When everyone goes crazy trying to find the perfect gift for those in their life.  I love Christmas and all that it entails.  The twinkling lights, Christmas music, candlelight services and gift giving. 

Now that I have two little ones of my own (still hard to believe sometimes), I try to look for gifts that offer both fun and function.  I have no desire for a ton of little toys, that they will quickly tire of, to litter my floors.  Instead, I like to look for items they can use for a long time--things well-made, that will get much use!

Here are a few of my favorites I've found this year: 

one // two // three // four // five // six

one- This wall organizer is a great way to free up floor space and encourage little ones to help clean up at the end of the day.  Plus, kids LOVE pockets.  This allows them to sort their goodies any way they please.
two- This whale rocker is not only adorable and fun, but it also has storage in the back for books and toys.  Win-win.

three- This kid-size acrylic desk is a great place to let your little ones' imaginations run wild.  Its sleek design doesn't take up much visual space in a room (great for already crowded playrooms or bedrooms) and has a little slot for holding extra books and notepads. Can you tell I like storage? ;)

four- You may have seen this one on our Instagram feed a few weeks ago.  Auden got this tee pee for her birthday last month, and it's been a big hit--so much so, that my nephews will be getting one for Christmas!  I love that it's a simple canvas so we can change out the look and embellish with colored garland and pendants as we please.  And the window is just an added bonus!  Plus, this particular tee pee is much less expensive than many others I sourced.

child room with tee pee gallery wall

five- These mini tolix-inspired chairs come in 4 colors and will be sure to add a little design flare to your playroom.  Honestly, how cute are they?

six- This vintage kitchen will be one of Auden's gifts this Christmas.  It too is offered in a variety of colors, many of which that won't clash with your own decor if you plan on having it in the living room like us. It's stylish and well-made, and I can't wait to see my girls spending many hours "cooking" at it!

That's it!  I hope I've brought you some new ideas or at least made you think of gift giving in a different way :)