Dream Office

We recently met with a client who is looking to upgrade and move several rooms in her home.  One of those rooms moving to another area in her house is her office.  The possibilities started swarming in my head.  I love designing work spaces.  Love it.  

It got my thinking about my own home office as well.  For designers our "offices" are where our creativity takes shape so it's important for the space itself to be worthy of housing such a job.  Sadly, my current office does not do that.  Once things call down a bit around here, I want to really tackle our home office...a space that's received the least amount of attention since we moved into our home two years ago.  Between new work projects and squeezing in time to plan my daughter's first birthday (coming up next month) my personal design time has been lacking.  However, I've decided that decorating our office will be my Christmas present (I need to fill my husband in on this too).  :)

We currently have a desk, rug, bookcase, sofa and ottoman already in the space.  The sofa and ottoman are going to go and the current desk is where my husband's computer resides.  This means my work space will be completely new and completely my own.  With the sofa and ottoman gone there will be plenty of space on the other side of the room for my desk.  I really like the idea of using a dining table for my work area.  I've seen this CB2 desk used in an office space before and loved it.  

cb2 silverado

Dining room tables can often be less expensive and more versatile as well so naturally I took to Craigslist to see if there were any good deals in town.  I found this one for only $60!

I absolutely love the base and think it would look great refinished.  I also thought I'd glance at the desks for sale and found this adorable one for $125.  Look at that woodgrain.  Beautiful.  If I needed a desk for a small space, this would be the winner.  I can see if paired with some more contemporary pieces (maybe a desk chair and modern lamp)...

Of course I also want a large memo board.  I talked about a few favorite ideas here.  I definitely want it to be the focus of the room.  If I had another wall to spare, I'd love something like this.

As seen in the office of Esla Events featured in  Rue .

As seen in the office of Esla Events featured in Rue.

Organization is key as well.  I think this acrylic pencil cup and business card holder from Design Darling would look amazing on my new desk.  

I really like this wire magazine holder from Target (only $9).  Every office needs a little gold.

gold threshold magazine storage

If you want something with more coverage, these Nate Berkus ones are a great option.

These Kate Space nesting boxes would be a great for storage too.  I love the vibrant colors and gold trim detail on the lids.  

kate spade nesting boxes

This gold stapler by Swingline would make a great desk accessory worthy of residing on the desk and not tucked away in a drawer. 

gold stapler

I can't decide if I want a stationary chair or one that swivels.  If I go with the swivel option, this one has good modern lines and great reviews.  I love a good mix of old (desk) and new (chair).

white leather desk chair

I've already got a rug in the room that will be staying so all that's left is some lighting.  I really like the one from West Elm that I mentioned last Friday.  Although this faceted one could be really great too.  

ripley gold sculptural lamp

Normally, I stick to neutrals in my home and add interest through pattern and texture, but in a creative space, I think color would be so inspiring.  I can't wait to have it all finished!