Creating a Custom Look Without the Custom Price

Let’s face it—custom work doesn’t come cheap.  Whether it’s custom drapes, custom upholstery or custom art, they will more than come with a high price tag.  But there are ways to save and still achieve a custom look in your home.  Below are a few ideas on achieving a designer look without the custom price.

1. Custom drapery

-Don't use the pocket. First and foremost, do not hang drapery with a rod pocket if at all possible.  Instead, use drapery rings or hooks for a more finished look.   

Curtain pocket vs. curtain rings

Some retailers sell panels with hooks included.  If that’s the case, use them and attach to the rod with an inexpensive set of rings, removing the clasp for a closer hanging.

-Add trim.  Purchase inexpensive, plain panels from Ikea or a discount retailer and dress them up with custom tape trim.  If you’re not an avid sewer, you can use Stitch Witchery and iron it on.

-Hang them high.  We’ve mentioned this several times on here, but it’s worth repeating.  Purchase curtains all long as you can to fit in your ceiling height and hang the curtain rod as high as possible while still allowing the panels to skim the floor like in the image above.  It will make your room and your panels look even grander. Here's a great before/after illustration showing the difference.

2. Custom furniture.

Custom furniture is a costly venture and can often take a lot of time to receive.  Instead, opt for a piece that you can pick up in store at a furniture retailer or discount décor store (HomeGoods!) and then get a local shop to reupholster the back in a different (perhaps more expensive) fabric for a unique look. You can even add embellishments like nailhead trim.  You're left with a custom-look for a fraction of the price!

custom fabric back chair


3.  Custom art.

Instead of the store-bought, mass produced art options, support small business and shop from Etsy or a local artist. To frame the piece, purchase an inexpensive frame from HomeGoods or a craft store and get a custom mat cut to fit the frame.  Opt for a wider mat or off-centered cut for a more custom look.

Try these three tips to update your home with a designer look!