Backyard Update II

As I mentioned a few posts back, we are re-doing our backyard. We have a good size yard but it was very shady and the mosquitoes would eat us a live within a minute of being out there so, we hardly went out.  We also had a water drainage issue from the yard being so un-leveled, no grass, and the fence was falling apart. Here is what is looked like before.


The yard really opened up by cutting down a tree, moving a couple trees back near the fence , and removing the small side fence that the previous owners installed. A newly installed patio also made a big difference.

And here is what it looks like today.


A good pressure washing to the fence did wonders.

My golf loving hubby and my brother installed a small putting green where the playground used to be. If you are interested in creating one, these are the instructions we followed.


Though we are not quite done, it has been so nice to finally enjoy our backyard. My daughter and her friends have played soccer in the grass a few times. Our nephews have had fun on the putting green. The baby and I have been able to sit out on the back and get some morning sun. We have even had dinner on the patio and surprisingly the mosquitoes haven't been bad. I am not sure if its just because it is early in the season or if having less shade in the backyard has helped cut down on the mosquitoes. We shall see.


The next steps are putting up a hammock I bought a few years back, installing plants, and building a fireplace.  I will continue to update you as we progress. If interested, below are links to the cushions and dining set I bought, along with a few other items I plan to purchase to finish off the look.

hammock // cushions // table & benches // white stool // umbrella // aqua pillows // floral pillow // tray

Until next time, lovelies.