Easy Centerpiece for your Thanksgiving Table


With Thanksgiving in just a couple days I thought I would share an easy, DIY centerpiece to dress up your table.  This centerpiece can be done with little cost. With the exception of the flowers that cost me $20, I used what I had at the house or could find outside. 

Here is what I used:

  • decorative runner I had purchased last year from World Market
  • flowers
  • pine cones
  • small pumpkins- left over from Halloween
  • variety of tree branches from local park- Magnolia, Oak (i believe) and Holly
  • a few naval oranges
  • two green vases I purchased a few years back from Target
  • a couple decorative brass bowls and candlesticks


First decide on the color palette you want. I wanted to add a bit more color than what you would normally associate Thanksgiving with. I found a couple bouquets at the grocery store that had a combination of orange, yellows, pinks and purples. Next, decide how many arrangements you want. Since my table is pretty long I decided to do two.  Place the runner down and position your vases. I then started laying the branches, starting from left to right. I flipped some of the Magnolia branches face down so more of the brown underside would show. Once my "garland" was complete, I moved on to the vases.


Thanksgiving arrangement.jpg

I divided up the flower bouquets to make two similar arrangements. Working in a circular pattern, I started with the taller leafy pieces in the back and the brighter pink flowers upfront. Once I was happy with the arrangements, I added my filler (pumpkins, oranges, pinecones, and brass accents) to my garland.

There you have it! Easy-peasy and with little cost.

I encourage you to take inventory of what you already have at home.  For filler alternatives, you can use a variety of produce- apples, grapes, lemons, artichokes, pretty purple cabbage. Anything really that has some contrast to your clippings.

Easy THanksgiving centerpiece

Here I added candlesticks but I think I prefer it without them.

Thanksgiving centerpiece 3A
Thanksgiving centerpiece
Thankgiving centerpiece

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!