Company Spotlight: Land of Nod Gift Guide

With Christmas right around the corner, many parents are already hunting down the perfect gifts for their children.  While toy choices are certainly not limited these days, I think that some options far outweigh others.  In a time when digital toys are the all of the rage, it's nice to see products that offer function, fun and durability.  And when the toys can add a little design to your child's space, that doesn't hurt either.   

Land of Nod has captured this corner of the market quite well if you ask me.  They offer toys that serve a purpose for both child and parent while clinging to the idea that imagination should still be the at the forefront of childhood wonder.  When both purpose and play meet, you have a wonderful holiday gift.  

Below are a few of my favorite Land of Nod gift offerings for children this Christmas.  Enjoy!

land of nod child holiday gifts.jpg

1. What child doesn't love to bake up an amazing dish?  The pieces in this adult-like Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mini Cooking Set ($24.95) will help them do just that!  

2.   This Little Piggy Rocker ($129) puts the standard rocking horse to shame with its spunky design that will make a statement in any child's room.

3. This Rainbow Stacker ($49) has a vintage feel and sturdy wooden construction that will last for generations to come.

4. Who wouldn't want to play grocery store with a real looking Metal Shopping Cart ($69) ?

5. A Tee Pee to Call Your Own ($159, also available in stripes) is a great way to give your child a year-round fort that will conjure up hours of imagination and play.   

6. If a tee pee isn't your thing, maybe a Home Sweet Play Home Canopy is.  This item offers up just as much fun while sacrificing less square footage. 

7. Oliver Elephant by Wee Wonderfuls ($24.95) doesn't necessarily offer much in the form of function, but he is incredibly cute and a welcomed and unique departure from the mass-produced stuffed animals of today.  

8. Some of my fondest memories from childhood involve sleepovers and slumber parties.  This Candy Bow Stripe Sleeping Bag ($89) will help make those memories even sweeter...and it can be monogrammed with your child's name.

9. While I do have a soft spot for dachshunds, this wooden Dog Pull Toy ($69), would be a great for any little one...and his tail wags as you pull him!  What could be cuter?

10. Last but not least, what little girl could have Christmas without a doll?  The Knit Crowd Dolls ($29 each) make great companions for any little girl.  And since they come in different styles, you can find one to best suit your little one's taste.   

Happy shopping!  

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