3A's Three Things

Here are three things I found interesting this week. Click the numerical headings for the links.

// One //

This podcast has important information that all women can gain from. For instance, did you know that our nutrition and exercise recommendations are all centered around the male, 24 hour hormone pattern?

Alisa Vitti is an integrated nutritionist and hormone specialist. She’s also the founder of the online women’s health center, Flo Living, and author of the book, WomanCode. She explains how we can optimize our lives in a female hormone-centric way, to improve our health, vitality, personal power, work, libido, fertility, and more.

// Two //

This bar famous for its gorgeous design has been seen all over the web. Decor Eight gives us a tour of what the rest of the restaurant, Gracias Madre, looks like.

// Three //

This watermelon mojito sounds amazingly refreshing. Let me know if you try it!