A Fall Table

Dining out is always a nice treat.  But dining in can be just as much fun with the right ambiance, food and company (not to mention more cost effective).

My specialty is the ambiance.  I'm not going to lie.  I'm not much of a cook.  I'd rather bake, especially now that I'm 35 weeks pregnant and have a sweet tooth the size of a small child.  No pun intended.  

But I digress.  Ambiance.  If you ask me, ambiance can best be created with a beautiful table setting and nice lighting.  The rest is a just the cherry on top.  Of a sundae.  Preferably a brownie sundae.  See how bad it is these days, guys?

But seriously, fall is one of my favorite seasons because it is a time for gatherings.  And one of the perfect places for that is around a nicely decorated dinner table.  You don't have to stick to the standard orange and reds of the season when it comes to decor.  In fact, you'll make more of a statement if you don't.  Here's a yummy vision I've been dreaming of lately (aside from a pint of cookies 'n cream ice cream).   


Blue Gold Fall Table Setting 3A Design Studio.jpg

1. This gold flatware set will bring a warmth and sophistication to any table. 

2.   Place settings are all about layering.  I'm a firm believer is having a simple, white set of dishes (fine china or casual) that you can intermix with fun patterns and textures like this salad plate from Target.   

3. This gold rim stemless wine glass adds the perfect amount of bling without breaking the budget.

4.  Every centerpiece doesn't have to contain flowers.  Gather up some pumpkins and add a little teal and metallic paint for a new twist on a traditional fall look.

5.  This wine carafe with an oak stopper will bring an organic feel to your table and can be used as a serving accent for every season.

6.  Take the guessing game out of where to sit and create a personal touch at each place setting by writing your guests' names on a leaf instead of a place card.

7.   Don't forget about the napkins!  They are an easy way to add some color and detail to your table.  This velvet trim jute napkin is a great example.  

8./9.  As with your place settings, lighting should also be layered on your table.  Have a good mix of height variance, votives and candlesticks to create a nice ambiance.  These vintage blue votives and brass candlesticks (check antique and thrift stores for similar finds) will bring the perfect color and glow to your non-traditional (and fabulous) fall gathering.  

Now, who's inviting me for over dinner?


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