A Luxe Christmas

Christmas is my favorite time of year.  Hands down.  Gingerbread house making, Christmas carol singing, Prancer (or Little Women) watching, twinkle lights glowing, cinnamon and cloves smelling, present wrapping, candlelight service attending...it's the best time of year.

I'm hoping to pass on many of my childhood Christmas traditions as well as make new ones with my little family.  I want Auden to love this time of year just as much as her momma.  Right now, it's not looking so hot---at least on the Santa front.

Is that not the cutest/most pitiful thing you've ever seen?  Poor girl.  And poor Santa.

Even though Santa isn't a favorite of hers, I'm hoping decorating for the holidays will be one day.  When I was little, we used to go pick out our own tree at a tree farm, cut it down, get it home, crank up the Christmas music (Little Drummer Boy, anyone?) and decorate it as a family.  It was magical.

Every year, I get Jon to pull down all of my Christmas boxes from the attic and my brain gets to work on how I will decorate our own house and tree.  I like to change it up a bit every year, but I don't like buying anything new--that's when your creativity gets to work.  

My mind went into overdrive this year, and I began to imagine what I would do if I could wipe the slate clean and start over with decor. I decided I'd want a luxe, warm, classic look for our home.  I didn't get to make this dream a reality, but I did make it a design board for all of you!  Maybe you'll get inspired and want to spruce up your own home for the holidays (or at least catch some of these on sale to put up next year :)).  Here is my luxe Christmas wish list...

n. The condition of being elegantly sumptuous.

{click image to enlarge}

one // two // three // four // five (Target in-store) // six // seven // eight // nine // ten

I think I would never tire of that look...at least not for a long time.  Maybe next year I can make it happen!  Have a great weekend everyone!  And remember to contact us at the top of the page if we can help you with your own decor!