Pantone of 2015 - Marsala

The announcement has been made! 

Rich and beautiful Marsala! 

I read a few design blogs upon the approaching announcement, and most people expected something in the cooler color families. Which I would have been totally fine with (I wasn't a huge fan of Radiant Orchid, being the non-girly girl that I am, so I was looking forward to whatever was new). But surpriiiise! Warm and bold! 

Love. It.

Now as much as I do love it, I have to admit we haven't designed any rooms with this color or anything in it's family very recently (in fact I am hard-pressed to remember any where it was more than just a small accent). It's not exactly trendy. YET! 

{And with the pace of the South, I know it may take everyone a while to warm up to it. Maybe even years....Hey, I'm still waiting for everyone to become as tired and over chevron--no, excuse me, ZIG ZAG-- as I am. Herringbone--don't worry, I still love you.)

So in my inspired, Marsala-loving state, I turned to one of my favorite color palette inspiration sites, Design Seeds. You've probably seen some of their colors around Pinterest if you have any design-inspired pages. Well they have a whole site, on which I could spend hours of my life dreaming. Here are a few good color palettes I found that incorporate Marsala and/or it's color family:

One style that incorporates a good bit of this new Pantone is the bohemian chic look: minimal and clean design scheme with pops of vintage, rustic, and old world hues. Often you will find a great kilim rug thrown in, giving a great sense of warmth when mixed with woods and whites. 

Check out a few of these:

{click on image for link to source}

You get the idea. I have to say this is one of my favorite design styles right now, so maybe that's why I'm so excited about Marsala being Pantone of the year. 

What about you? Do you have any Marsala floating around your home? Is it a color you've been eyeing and itching to use? 

When the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over and you're looking for a new space...maybe a way to spend those cash gifts...E-Design is a great option! We'll be more than happy to squeeze in some Marsala, if you so choose. And check out our growing Portfolio of E-Design that we've done for other happy and satisfied clients. 

Until next time!