Master Makeover-Bedroom on a Budget

Our belief is that good design should be available to everyone.  While many interior design jobs can cost tens of thousands of dollars, they don't all have to bust the budget, even when there's no DIY involved.  Just knowing where to look can make good finds go a long way when transforming a space.  

I recently did a few updates in my master bedroom, and it had me dreaming of an entire room makeover...on a budget.  Here's what I put together.  Several of the pieces (the duvet and headboard) are personal buys so I promise I won't lead you astray.

one  ///  two  ///  three  ///  four  ///  five  ///  six  ///  seven  ///  eight  ///  nine

one /// two /// three /// four /// five /// six /// seven /// eight /// nine

1. A couple of good looking lamps with a non-traditional shades from Target. -$39.99

2. Nail trim dressers from West Elm used as side tables because who doesn't need more storage?...currently on sale! -$594.00

3. This Blanchard headboard sells for over $400 on some sites, but I found one on for much less.  And the best part it is that the height is adjustable.  -$246.99

4. Swap out your flush mount or fan for this beauty. -$156.99

5. I purchased this duvet over 4 years ago, and my husband and I still love it.  The Egyptian cotton feels wonderful and it washes well.  Plus you get two shams included. -$115.99

6. An ombre throw for a steal! -$14.99

7. Etsy is my favorite place to shop for pillow covers.  This is just one example why. -$25.00

8. A grouping of four of these frames would look great on any wall.  Another great design by Target.  Buy one, get one 30% off right now. -$24.99

9.  A gorgeous, well-made armoire for less than $1000 is hard to come by.  Thus my appreciation for this one. -$849

Total: $2,776.90

Less than $3000 and not a DIY project involved!  Success!  If you'd like us to put together a mood board for your space, check out the details on our E-Design page.