navy bedroom checklist

This doesn't count as the grand reveal, but I finally finished painting (most) of my bedroom. The top three inches of the perimeter still needs painting. I am not tall enough to get in on a good angle with the brush, so the hubs has promised to get around to it, when he's not working or studying for exams (so basically not in the next year--maybe I just need to find a taller step stool). There's also a tray ceiling, and we're trying to decide if we are going to paint the rise of the tray in navy as well. 

Anyway, here it is:

Valspar for Ace: Mountain Midnight

Valspar for Ace: Mountain Midnight

We are really loving it. It feels so much more like a master bedroom. Obviously there are still things that need to be done. 

Here's my checklist. I'll keep you all updated as I go along.

1. Paint walls--almost DONE

2. Upholster headboard (I have all the materials to do this, I just have to get around to it)

3. Make DIY wood and metal curtain rods, hang curtains

4. Refinish wood dresser--you may remember from my last bedroom post that I was going to paint the dresser. But I've decided the room needs more wood, so I'm just going to refinish it with a cooler, lighter, more natural stain instead of the reddish stain that it has now. Still debating replacing the hardware.

5. Hang artwork, photos, decor

6. Make a slipcover for OR remove skirt from chaise lounge -- I have this mint and cream striped chaise lounge. It is so comfortable. However the color is a little off for my room and with the skirt it's very traditional-looking. Truth be told I'd like to move it into our next nursery (if and when that happens) because it's a great nursing spot. But I'm thinking if I just rip the skirt off (which I think can be done) and replace the legs with some with personality, it will look tons better. 


AND for those that asked, yes my side tables are an Ikea hack of the ever-so-popular Rast series that I did about 3 years ago. The sides and bottom are spray painted navy. The drawers are spray painted white with a hand-painted true chevron in an opalescent silver that I mixed with a clear acrylic medium to make it a transparent overlay on the white. Even though I got tired of chevron a long time ago, it's 1. Not zig-zag, which people try to pull off as chevron all the time, and 2. It's very subtle, so I still like it. The hardware is very inexpensive finds from Lowes and the tops are 12x24 tiles of vein cut Silver Travertine--some of the most beautiful stone that I think exists (mine is from Walker Zanger because their source has more blue-gray in it than some of the other retailers that sell "silver travertine"). 

Here's a photo just for kicks:


Well that's it for now. Have a lovely week! And I sincerely hope wherever you are is not as humid and hot as it is here!