A Rug Affair with West Elm

If you haven't stopped by West Elm or westelm.com to check out their sale, you're missing out!  They have a bunch of deals, but some that really caught my eye were on the rugs!  Oh how I love a good rug...especially one on sale.  Here's a few of my favorites:

This little pink beauty would be awesome in an office, little girl's room or playroom.  And that's coming from a girl who is not a big fan of pink.  I typically shy away from bright colors in rugs due to the price and longevity I'd like to achieve when purchasing one, BUT I don't think you can go wrong here, especially in a fun, inspiring room.  Who needs a room designed around this rug? I'm dying to use it in a space!

This one too would look great in a kid's space or even a living room (especially a beach condo). Dhurries are great for wear and tear and typically can look brand new with a quick vacuum!  And they are much softer than most natural optional like sisal and jute.

Key Wool Dhurrie in Iron- 8x10 $299

Key Wool Dhurrie in Iron- 8x10 $299

This one is a combination of two of my design favorites--black/white color combination and classic greek key pattern.  And the price tag makes it even prettier!

This is another classic but with a twist.  The offset print adds interest and the stripes bring in a little sophistication.  I'm tempted to buy this one for my own house!

Those are my top four rug sale picks.  Be sure to check out their website to see all of the other deals they have going on.  Get ready for the urge to empty your wallets too! :)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  This will be my last spent in my 20's!  Ahhh!

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