A Little Girl's Room ...with Ballard Designs

When I got my latest catalog from Ballard Designs, I couldn't help but notice so many great deals going on with their summer sale.  And on top of the good deals, they also had some products that were just too good to pass up, sale or no sale.  Inspiration struck, and I threw together a little girl's room design with my favorite findings.  

Many kid's rooms are not so subtle on gender specific themes--i.e. a girl's room must be pink and full of butterflies and a boy's room must be blue and have baseballs somewhere.  Not so.  A good design doesn't look like it came out of a bag, but rather was layered together to create a space that will last for many years.  It let's the child's belongings become the ornamentation, and the room be a backdrop for imagination and comfort.  Or at least those are the ones I like to design :)  Take a look...

kids bedroom mood board with ballard designs

1. Wall Sconce- $80.  I'd put them hanging on each side of the headboard for function and style.  They were origin

2. Ticking Stripe Headboard- $189, orig. $249. this is one of their current specials and the black ticking stripe got me.  

3. Bookshelf- $229. It seems there's never enough space for books and trinkets and iron is virtually indestructible.

4. Scalloped Sham- $35, orig. $49. This sweet scalloped sham is made of linen and can even be monogrammed. 

5. Coral Pillow Cover- $18, orig. $29.  Adding in a little color is always a good thing.

6. Rug- $75 for 5x7, was $99. This is actually an indoor/outdoor rug so it's great for kids and their potential messes.  The polka dot design adds a little fun and the reviews on comfort sold me.

7. Basket- $29, orig. $39. Stuffed animals and toys need a home too.

8. Pom Pom Quilt- $199.  This quilt isn't on sale but those pom poms are too good to resist.  

All of these items could be used for years to come, even in other areas of the home aside from the bedroom...which makes these deals even sweeter!