10 Dome Light Alternatives under $50

Do you have these in your home? 

You do, don't you? I do, too. And I'm sorry. They're terrible, I know. Now that we've all agreed and lamented briefly over our ceiling fixtures, let's move onto a solution...

Dome lights (I won't even tell you their nickname in the design world, but if you're creative I'm sure you could guess) are inexpensive and the easy choice of contractors everywhere. But ya know what? It doesn't have to be that way. If you are uninspired by your home lighting, there are some great and inexpensive alternatives. 

I understand replacing all of your dome lights could be costly, but if you have a space like a nice bedroom or an entry where it's just detracting from the feel of the room, a little money and a little handy work can make a big difference. 

Here's a list of 10 fixtures under $50 that could make a huge difference in your home:

1. If your ceiling fixture isn't the only source of light in your room and you have some artwork or wall-hangings on display nearby, these LED track lights are a creative alternative. Directional light instantly adds a $$$ feel to your space! Like, "ooh, this feels like a gallery--these people must be artsy and intelligent." ;) Or maybe they'll just walk right past without noticing. Either way, you'll notice. And you'll care.

2. If you've got a little head room to work with, this retro classic would be a nice touch. Globe pendants and fixtures can be found inexpensively just about anywhere. And the cord length can be shortened, so no need to worry about how it looks in the photos!

3. Just like the globe pendant, a warehouse pendant is another great, inexpensive classic that you could shorten the cord on and bring up as a semi-flush mount. And don't be fooled by some of the decor stores' prices--these things are NOT worth $100+, so don't spend it. 

4. Simple and elegant, this textured flush mount fixture will cover the space of your old one. And the texture shows even more when the light is on (I have the coordinating floor lamp in my home and love it).

5. Again, where you're replacing a fixture that's not the only source of light, how cool would this surface-mounted bronze can light be? A bright hallway or entry would be perfect.

6. These cute little vintage glass pendants would be perfect in a small entry or powder bath. Because the glass is clear, the bulbs will provide a lot of light for how small they are.

7. A schoolhouse pendant works great just about anywhere. Just like warehouse pendants, trendy places will have them for a higher price tag, but they are easily found in a lower price range with a little searching.

8. I love this faceted ceramic fixture. And it's another one that fits well over the space where your old dome pendant was.

9. Don't mind the overall concept of your dome pendant, but just want to jazz it up a little? This modern square version will do the trick.

10. A take on Japanese lanterns, this paper lantern flush-mount is a clever way to add some interest without taking up as much vertical space.

So there ya go. Frown over your plain ol' dome lights no more! And if you've got taller ceilings, don't be afraid to go with a pendant or even a chandelier (but of course, that's another round-up for another day). Never underestimate the power of a good lighting choice! 

{And a helpful hint when it comes to lighting--wattage does NOT determine how bright your fixture will be. Instead you want to look for a little key word called "lumens." Lumens measure how much light output you will have. Wattage only determines how much energy they use. Bulbs that have lower wattages and higher lumens pack a bigger punch, like LEDs. So now you know!}

Until next time, friends!