Inspiration: Shared Nursery and Toddler Rooms

In less than 4 months we will have a new baby in our house, and I have to say that the second time around the "nesting" urge isn't nearly as strong for me. Having done it once already, and in general being a "less is more" kinda gal, I say, just give me a crib, some storage, and a place to change a diaper and we're good. 

For that reason, and a few other personal deciding factors, we've decided that our 2 year old will share a room with the new baby for a while. Since creating a designated learning/play space for our toddler, her room is barren. She only has her crib (which has been modified to a toddler bed), a changing table (which has been modified into storage), a night stand, and a rocking horse. 

We have an heirloom twin bed that needs to be assembled and put into her room, and there's plenty of room for that among everything else. Recall or refer to this post, if you will, from when we decided to do that anyway, before we knew there would be another little one in the mix. 

{And for those wondering, "why on earth would you think that would work when newborns wake so frequently?", don't you worry--we plan on keeping the baby in a bassinet in our room until he or she is sleeping through the night. It's easier for everyone. And maybe by the time that day comes, our 2 year old will also be sleeping through the night...} 

And hey--looks like others have done it too!

Here's a few great shared nurseries that I've rounded up for inspiration lately: 

image via  lay baby lay

image via lay baby lay

There are so many luxuries about the above space that we don't have in our home, but it that doesn't mean it's not inspiration-worthy! I love the great mix of pattern and texture, the airiness of the space, and that it isn't overly girly. Just as with our first, we aren't finding out the gender of the baby so the space will remain gender-neutral.

image via  apartment therapy --great details in this nursery if you click the link!

image via apartment therapy--great details in this nursery if you click the link!

If you look closely at that corner bed, you'll notice it's just a platform bed. No headboard, nothing extra. It's a great solution for the bed's position, and it's not lacking anything! And I love that under-bed storage solution that eliminates a need for a bed skirt (because we won't have a bed skirt either!)

image via  melissa esplin

image via melissa esplin

This bright yellow nursery is probably the closest to how ours will be arranged. And can someone please send me that dachshund lamp!! 

Also--shout out to all you renters: a great example of making a nursery feel homey just by the pieces in the room. The walls are still a basic beige, but a bright yellow rug covers the basic carpet, and the rest of it just works so well together you don't notice how ordinary the bones are. 

image via  a cup of jo

image via a cup of jo

Very close quarters in this space, but it still works! They even have toy storage in the room. Well-done, folks! It's also a great example of a shared boys room that isn't overly masculine. 

image via  transito inicial  (page is in spanish, but beautiful spaces need no translation!!)

image via transito inicial (page is in spanish, but beautiful spaces need no translation!!)

I could tell almost instantly that this wasn't American. I mean, look at that window! Swoon! (Also jealous of the shutter feature--hello extended "night night" time!) I can't tell if that's a chalkboard finish on the wall or venetian plaster (looks more like a plaster finish). Either way it's a great sophisticated, yet soft and gentle shared room. It looks expensive, even though it's clearly very simple.

image via  a merry mishap  

image via a merry mishap 

Not my personal favorite style-wise, but this modern shared space keeps things simple. Again, it appears to be close-quarters, but the simplicity of the decor makes the room feel very spacious.

image via  apartment therapy

I like that this sweet little room obviously wasn't too thought out (probably a lot how ours will end up, if I'm just being honest). Nothing is matchy-matchy, but there's so much personal touch that you can't help but love it. It's homey, cute, and probably very affordable.

image via  apartment therapy

What a great wall stencil! This room also has the same arrangement as ours probably will, and we may even end up with a patterned back wall...emphasis on may. Anyway it's a great use of pattern--it gives a lot of interest while remaining simple.

image via  house to home

image via house to home

And finally, take a look at this! A bunk with a crib underneath! At first glance, I thought it was built in, but after looking closely, it appears they just took a lofted bed and put a crib underneath. How smart!! Great space saver.

I'm loving learning that this is still an achieved design and personal goal for having multiple children. There's so much more than I thought there would be for inspiration. 

As far as the actual plan for the room, we've gotten nowhere. And honestly, it doesn't bother me. Maybe that's breaking some kind of designer law, but when you're a pregnant work-at-home mom, other things take precedence. So if you're listening, the answer is YES! It is OKAY to have higher priorities than a good-looking home! I give you my personal permission! 

That being said, here's the fabric I've had stored away in my closet for months. At first we planned on doing an upholstered wall on the big back wall (a lot like the tree room above). But let's be honest. That probably won't happen. And we also don't know how long we'll be in this house so it's best to keep it simple. But it's going in that room! Maybe a duvet cover? Maybe a reupholstered chair or stool? Crib sheet? A bolster pillow? Some black-out curtains? I'll figure it out.  

michael miller fabrics: wee wander, with the birds

michael miller fabrics: wee wander, with the birds

I'm in love with it. It's the perfect gender neutral fabric, and it goes with the room's leftover nursery colors of teal, mint, and turquoise (there was orange in there too, but it got booted when I took out the orange crushed velvet french chair--cute for a nursery, but far too dear to me to be in the hands of a toddler).

Other than that and a very simple white bedspread I bought for the twin bed (and an ikea mattress for it, which--holy cow--are so comfy and affordable), that's basically all I've done! I'll post snippets as they come together, but don't expect to be blown away!

I'll put my efforts into making our clients' spaces look great. How about that?? ;) 

Until next time, folks! Have a wonderful Monday. If you haven't already, start your week off intentionally. Think happy thoughts--it will make SUCH a difference :)