An easy DIY and a sneak peek

Recently, I had been given a set of bull horns (along with permission to redo the setting how I deemed fit) from Ty’s sweet uncle.

The horns were covered originally in red, green and white leather, which really did not match the colors in my house. So, I decided to attempt to re-wrap the setting myself and ordered a piece of black leather online. Unfortunately, the leather ended up being to thick to use, so as a last resort I gave spray-painting a try.

Now, if this were a piece that would come in contact a lot, I would recommend purchasing upholstery spray paint which can be purchased at an auto body shop. But since it was going to be hung on the wall, I used regular old spray paint.

I wrapped the horns with garbage bags and secured them with painters tape. Some websites suggest wiping the leather down with alcohol before painting but I did not bother.

spray painting leather mounted horns

Then took them outside and sprayed an even coat to one side. Let it dried for 20 minutes than flipped it over and sprayed the other side. The spray paint took pretty well. After curing for a couple days, up they went on the sunroom wall.


With booked up contractors, strikes holding up deliveries, and being so busy, the sunroom has taken much longer to complete than I had anticipated but we are getting close. If you recall in my original sunroom post, I was debating on the flooring. In the end, we went with a 12x24 porcelain tile in Nero and am pretty pleased with how it turned out. I also, ended up going with a more contemporary fan than the more tropical one I had planned on. The sleeker lines ultimately matched better with the rest of the house.

The remaining items I need are a larger table and something to go on the blank wall. I have also debated about keeping this chair and reupholstering it or replacing it entirely with the Storsele chair from Ikea. Once I am finish I promise to share more pics of the space.

DSC_1133 copy.jpg
ikea storsele chair

What do you think? Reupholster the existing chair ore replace it with the Storsele?