What is your entryway saying about you?

The entryway of your home sets the tone for what visitors will expect the rest of your home to be like. It is your home's first impression. Even if you do not have a grand foyer, you can create a defined entrance packed with style in a small space as well as being a functional place to store your keys and mail. Here are a few elements to consider when creating a welcoming foyer:


Mirrors are great to use in a foyer. Not only do they provide a chance to look yourself over before greeting your guest, but they also help bounce light and add depth.

Soft Lighting

Another nice element to have is a lamp. A lamp’s soft lighting gives a welcoming glow and makes the space feel inviting.


We at 3A are big into adding a bit of greenery to our designs. Greenery brings life to a space and also adds color and texture. 


In the grouping we put together for you below, the chest of drawers is great for storing keys, mail, and dog leashes; anything that you need to access easily before walking out the door. If you use a console without any drawers, small tabletop baskets or bowls work great too.

If you love the look of the foyer grouping below, click on the links to re-create it in your home.


glass vase // vases // mirror (sold out, similar here) // lamp // chest // rug

 Here are a couple more entryways we put together recently for two of our Ask My Designer clients.


If you need more ideas on creating an entrance space within a small footprint check out this blog post we did on small entrances or let us help you with our affordable Ask My Designer service.