What is your entryway saying about you?

The entryway of your home sets the tone for what visitors will expect the rest of your home to be like. It is your home's first impression. Even if you do not have a grand foyer, you can create a defined entrance packed with style in a small space as well as being a functional place to store your keys and mail. Here are a few elements to consider when creating a welcoming foyer:


Mirrors are great to use in a foyer. Not only do they provide a chance to look yourself over before greeting your guest, but they also help bounce light and add depth.

Soft Lighting

Another nice element to have is a lamp. A lamp’s soft lighting gives a welcoming glow and makes the space feel inviting.


We at 3A are big into adding a bit of greenery to our designs. Greenery brings life to a space and also adds color and texture. 


In the grouping we put together for you below, the chest of drawers is great for storing keys, mail, and dog leashes; anything that you need to access easily before walking out the door. If you use a console without any drawers, small tabletop baskets or bowls work great too.

If you love the look of the foyer grouping below, click on the links to re-create it in your home.


glass vase // vases // mirror (sold out, similar here) // lamp // chest // rug

 Here are a couple more entryways we put together recently for two of our E-Design clients.


If you need more ideas on creating an entrance space within a small footprint check out this blog post we did on small entrances or let us help you with our affordable E-Design service.

E-Design Condo Refresh

We recently completed an E-Design project for a condo refresh, and it was so fun to breathe new life into the clients' space with a few easy updates.  The most labor intensive idea was adding some grid trim work detail down the hallway.  Aside from that, all of the updates were a few new purchases and such game changers in updating the look of the condo.

The owners wanted a relaxed, transitional design and had already purchased a few new items but were lost on how to tie up all of the rooms.  They also wanted a fun idea for their existing bunk room. 

With our Get a Look Package, they were able to get a few things sourced for each room without having to do an entire E-Design for each space.  This service is great for those who have already started their projects or just want some help finding those missing pieces!

Here is what we came up with for their condo:

The living room got a new jute rug, coffee table, throw pillows and some fun black oars to hang as artwork over the long wall on which their sofa resides.

As previously mentioned, the main hallway was not forgotten! Simple grid trim work, some cool sconces and a striped runner (on sale!) completed the previously overlooked space.

All the master bedroom needed was some new bedding, lamps and accent over the dresser. The geometric pillows and simple mirror helped finish off this relaxed, contemporary space.

In the twin bedroom, we sourced new headboards, a side table, lamps and bedding and also suggested updating the room's current window treatments with these bamboo shades.

Perhaps our favorite room in the condo is this bunk room.  White built-in beds with a natural wood ladder and some playful lighting and bedding make this room quite the spot!

We loved helping this family make their home away from home somewhere they'd be proud to call their own. 

If we can help you finish off a room or two, simply fill out the survey on our E-design page. All of the information is explained there, but if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

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Updating a Master Bedroom without Spending a lot of Money

Every Spring we tackle home improvement projects, clean out our closets, and organize our belongings. As a result, it brings a since of satisfaction and new energy into our homes. However, many times our bedrooms get overlooked. It easy to do since usually it is never seen by guests. Clutter starts to creep in, clothes end up in piles until you find the time to hang them. Before you know it, it is far from the place of solace it was designed to be, a place to rest and feel recharged for the next day.

Recently, we had a client contact us in need of help with her master bedroom. She wanted to freshen up the look of her room without having to spend a lot of money on new furniture. 

“I would like to update the look of our bedroom, but my husband doesn’t want to buy new furniture. What would you suggest to bring new life into the space?”

We were able to offer her a solution via our virtual consultation. Here are a few things we suggested:

1. Balance the visual weight of furniture

First thing we noticed was the room looked dark and cramped. Though her furniture is beautiful, it was very heavy for the size of her room and there was a lot of it, which was making the room feel tight and dark. Some of the pieces needed to come out. We recommended removing the tall dresser in front of the window and either replacing the headboard with an upholstered one or lighter night stands.

White upholstered chairs visually soften the wood furniture in the room.

White upholstered chairs visually soften the wood furniture in the room.

2. Remove all clutter

Looking at clutter can cause feelings of angst. We suggested removing any items that the client wasn't in love with. Also, free up space on the nightstands and dresser by limiting the amount of decorative objects and arranging them in neat groupings. 

Use a decorative tray, like this one from Pier 1, to group together items neatly on you dresser or night stands.




3. Hang curtains high and wide

To help make the room feel larger and downplay the awkwardness of the bed placement, we recommended hanging new curtains, in a lighter fabric, high and wide. By running the curtains the length of the wall, it will visually make the space feel much larger and help to soften all the dark wood furniture in the room.

4. Bring in Table lamps

Table lamps definitely will help to lighten up the dark room but it will also allow for gentler lighting in the evenings when it is time to unwind.


5. New bedding

Another way to help lighten up the room and bring in some new life is by replacing the existing comforter set with new white bedding. We recommend purchasing the best quality sheets you can afford. Great sheets make climbing in to bed feel like a treat!

Also provided, were visual examples for her to go by and a shopping list for the accessories.

Sometimes all you need is a little advice or guidance instead of a complete room design, and we want to be able to assist you with that as well.

For this reason, we created our Ask My Designer service. Whether you need advice on furniture placement or are unsure of what colors to bring into your room, we can help via a virtual consultation. All you have to do is fill out a short survey and send us photos of your space, and we will get you going in the right direction!  So stop procrastinating on that room you've been meaning to finish. And let us help you make your rooms and your home something you can be proud of!

We can help translate the images on your Pinterest board into your reality.

Let's get started!

Your designers,

-Jessica and Mallory