Client Project-Farmhouse Entry and Dining Room

Hello, hello!  Summer is officially here (as in school is out for our kiddos), and we have been working hard on a few projects before the chaos ensues (hopefully not).  So we wanted to drop in and share a few new designs with you!

Today's design is for an entry/dining/sitting area that opens up to the clients' large kitchen.  It's a big space with pine wood clad walls and a stone-covered hearth. 

Because this space will function as multiple things on multiple occasions, we kept the pieces classic and timeless but with a touch of "farm."  The kitchen cabinets will be painted in White Dove by Benjamin Moore, one of our favorite white cabinet colors, and the rest of the color scheme is neutral with touches of blue and green.  Of course, we also brought in lots of texture!

As you can see, we offered two options for the dining room seating and suggested slipcovers since the clients have kiddos themselves.  Aside from the wood bead Regina Andrew chandelier, the lamps on the entry table and rope hanging mirror are two of my personal favorites in the space.  I think I could put those Visual Comfort Thomas O'Brien lamps in every design I do and be happy.

Lighting is one of the largest ways to transform a space, and since the chandelier we suggested was a big buy, we also supplied some real life images of it so the clients could get a better idea of its look before pulling the trigger.  Even though this is an E-Design, we still want clients to feel as if they are out shopping with us!

So there's a little peek into our latest work and our process!  We'll be back soon with some more client designs to share with you guys!

Client Project - A Farmhouse E-Design

We wrapped up a huge great room design in a beautiful Alabama farmhouse last month and have been dying to share it with you guys.  Dana previewed a little tease of it here, but today we’re showing you the rest.

Our sweet clients had just moved into their new home a couple of weeks before we went for the consultation.  We had seen some photos of the house through email but we couldn’t really get a grasp of its openness and amazing views of their man-made lake and 3 acres below.

Look at that view.  (pardon the boxes and such...they had just moved in)

View standing in the living room and looking back into the kitchen.  Don't you just love all of the openness?

Our clients told us they liked cool, soothing colors and wanted a design that would work with the aesthetic of the farmhouse and also be comfortable and durable for their young family.

We got to work by first selecting new paint colors for the walls and built-ins and then sent over some sofa options.  Due to a long wait time on a custom sofa, the clients ultimately had to select one in town that fit their needs.  We still got to “go shopping” with them virtually and added their newly selected sofa and loveseat to the design foundation.  As you can see below, we also presented them with a couple of options for a coffee table as well.

The entry is right off of the living room so we brought some of the rustic elements and the same color palette to this side of the room.

n the dining room we suggested all new furniture to tie in with the rest of the space.  We chose more colorful window treatments and accessories to bring some life to this side of the room.

We love supplying our clients with not only mood boards and items suggestions but also elevations so they can actually visualize the scale and look of the new pieces in the space.

Directly across from the dining room was an unassigned space where we created a seating area.  The clients had some slipper chairs that they wanted to recover so we supplied fabric and pillow options to complete the look.



Aside from the large great room, we also supplied tile backsplash ideas for the kitchen to be used at a later date and included some suggestions for finishing off their master bedroom. They need bedding suggestions to match their existing duvet and a remedy for covering a mid-height wall outlet.

It was so great to work in a home where we could really tie each room together and supply the homeowners with a look they’ve been hoping to achieve.  We’ve already seen a couple of the progress pictures and can’t wait to see the finished product!

If we can help you finish off a troublesome space (or spaces), please let us know!  Whether it's a few styling suggestions and paint colors or a newly designed room, we can help.  Go here and fill out our design questionnaire at the bottom of the page to begin.

I went with the wheels instead...

I turned the big 3-0 on Wednesday.  Some of you may laugh at the "big" part of that statement, but I truly did feel this birthday more than others.  Perhaps it's because I'm no longer "in my twenties" or maybe it's because entering into a whole new decade sounds so surreal. Whatever it may be, this birthday hit me more than most.  

The good part about having a birthday, however, is the presents.  I'm convinced that's why we have birthday presents.  It's not to celebrate another year of life (unless you're under the age of 25), so much as it is to help you cope with adding another number to your age.  

My husband had been asking me for weeks what I wanted for my birthday and for weeks I told him I wasn't sure and needed to think about it some more.  I know it's silly, but I felt like whatever I was getting needed to be different since I was turning 30.  Something memorable and I could enjoy for a long time.  See how much it got to me? :)

Well one night lying in bed watching TV, he asked me again, and this time I actually had an answer.  

"A light fixture!" I exclaimed.  I thought I'd come up with the perfect gift-- a pretty little new piece in my home I could stare at each time I walked by for years to come.  He looked at me like I had three eyes.

"Light fixtures?" he said perplexed.  "Really?"

"Yes, a light fixture," I countered.  "But just one will do for now.  No need to get crazy."

I told him that the one I'd like to replace the most was the dining room light.  Allow me to give you a visual--it looks like an octopus holding beautiful (sarcasm) swirled, frosted glass sconces in each tentacle with a ridiculous looking oversized matching frosted cup and spear coming down in the middle of the bottom.  You want one too now, don't you? :)

Sure, the normal person, including my husband, would say "What's wrong with it?  It's fine.  I like it." But the designer in me that hates all things in a builder supply catalog just can't.

Jon was on board with my final decision (and by "on board" I mean glad I'd finally told him a gift idea), but I could tell he was hoping I'd settle on a new idea eventually.  And I did, but not before creating my dining room light fixture favorites list first.  Since I'll wait until later for the light, I thought I'd at least show you guys what I love...and will hopefully replace the octopus with one day soon :)


1 MidCentury Modern $348 2 Prism $450 3 Wood Bead $270 4 Times Square Shade $249 6 Rope $211 5 Stiletto $229 7 Fiona $299 8 Large Orb $499

P.S. If you're wondering about what I picked instead of a light... here she is in all of her mint paint, cognac oversized seat, cup-holder, basket-wearing glory.

I'm all for pretty new things for my home (I am a designer after all), but I felt that getting to feel like a kid again was one of the best gifts I could have entering my 30's!  Plus I've been wanting a beach cruiser ever since we moved to the beach over two years ago!  I'm glad I went with the wheels instead :)

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!